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Case Histories

A selection of case histories involving disputed wills. In the cases Dispute a Will were able to help the clients to get the outcome they deserved.

The Widow


Dispute a Will acted on behalf of a widow whose husband had made a Will many years before his death under which he left the vast majority of his estate to well known charities.

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The Son and Daughter


Dispute a Will acted for a son and daughter whose father had divorced their mother and remarried and had two young children by his second wife.

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The Brothers


Dispute a Will acted on behalf of one of two brothers who believed that his mother had made a Will which excluded him from any benefit at a time when his mother lacked mental capacity and was acting under the undue influence of his brother.

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The Hospital


Dispute a Will acted for the Executors and Beneficiaries of a Will that was made in hospital by the deceased some 10 days before her death.

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