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Estate Administration Claim


The individuals who deal with the administration of an estate are under a legal obligation to:

  • Collect and safeguard the assets of an estate;

  • Pay the debts of the deceased; and

  • Distribute the estate to the beneficiaries correctly entitled either under a valid will or on intestacy

Sometimes executors and personal representatives do not perform their job properly. In particular, there may be a failure to collect in assets or they may be sold at undervalue. Alternatively, there may be a failure to correctly identify beneficiaries or an unreasonable delay in distributing the estate to beneficiaries.

Executors and administrators do owe a duty of care to the estate and to its beneficiaries and they can be held personally liable.

If you believe that the executors or administrators of an estate are not doing their job properly or are acting in a way that will cause you loss, please get in touch with Dispute a Will on 0800 975 2166, or email via the contact page.

We will often ask you to complete a short questionnaire to provide us with basic information about the circumstances.

Our team will consider your claim and let you know if they can assist and what the possible cost implication might be for you.

You will receive a telephone call from Dispute a Will following the completion of the questionnaire. We aim to respond to all questionnaires within 7 working days of receipt.

If Dispute a Will think it appropriate, we will provide a fixed fee interview with a view to providing initial advice as to whether the matter should be pursued and, if so, the terms upon which we can act for you.

We are experienced in handling all kinds of Will Disputes and can minimise the financial and emotional costs of resolving them.


For further advice and help please do contact Dispute A Will 0800 9752166 or email vie the contact page

Call Us Free On 0800 975 2166