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Mark Walkington

MARK IMAGE 3 webprofessional-negligence-lawyers-association-pnlaMark is a member of the PNLA (Professional Negligence Lawyers Association).  

Mark is trained and highly experienced in helping people to resolve their disputes with others, as quickly and as economically as possible. The best advice is based on careful listening, a detailed understanding of the problem as you see it and your ideas about what outcome you want to achieve - or are willing to accept. Mark couples this with an ability to explain legal issues (which can be very complex) in a clear and friendly way. Unfortunately there are occasions when a client will come to us when they have not received the service that they envisaged from another solicitor. There could be grounds for a complaint, there could be grounds for a negligence claim. There is often a fine line to be drawn between a complaint about poor or inadequate professional service, and professional negligence. While a successful complaint to a regulatory body may entitle the client to compensation, it is unlikely to deliver all the redress that the client needs in order to achieve true recompense. We will assess each case and review the appropriate levels of compensation that can be recovered, and consider the merits and potential benefit of pursuing a claim.

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